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Michelle Hagewood  Baltimore, MD

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About Michelle

In this ongoing project, I collect photographic and drawn images from the rooftops, sidewalks, and alleys of Baltimore to build an alternative version of the city’s infrastructure. Each is treated as a new species-organisms which have been left to waste, to grow or to destroy those environments which bred them. Each species is coded by the form which created it; infrastructure color codes (red=electricity, blue=water, orange=communication, etc.) become the filters through which they are observed. Through drawing, animation, and digital rendering, they are studied for their potentials to be or become “real” creatures, structures, or forces of the present and the future urban landscape.

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"Thank you for posting these amazing creations. We had the great priviledge of seeing them up close in exhibit and as scientists who study the minutiae, saw what at firts looked like models of macromolecules, of protein or something like it - folded, structured, dynamic, yet precise and then we saw the details - what creativity... Thank you for sharing."

"I actually happened to see a recent show for this artist at the Metro Gallery. Her work is so much fun to delve into and explore the details. Very fun work from a far and up close."

"Interesting how several here have mentioned space objects because I was reminded of the movie, Serenity, as I studied these two pieces. Fascinating concept, what you're doing. They also make me think of fractals gone awry or those which are trying to reform after having been destroyed, finding their way into new productive patterns -- not quite there yet. Seriously thought-provoking work."

"Very unique work. I feel like I am in outspace floating with satellites."

"its trippy i look at it as space objects"

"very interesting:)jillian"


"Love it. Great wallpaper."

"Dig it! I love the way you took objects that we see every day and rearranged them into new configurations. Very cyberpunk. :)"

"Great art! There is a lady gaga art exhibit in charlottesville va the week gaga will be in town. Please come! Tell gaga! Its st skylight studios in charlottesville va sept 1 thru 12"

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