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Luke Buchanan  Raleigh, NC

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About Luke

My work is based on the spiritual residue and shared memories that are left behind by the built symbols of our presence on earth. Telephone poles, railroad tracks, stairways and buildings are shared across generations. I am interested in what is remembered and forgotten as these symbols occupy the spaces we create and the spaces in between that we have created unintentionally. Thousands of people walk by and through these spaces, each an individual with their own experience. In the same room where an old couple repeats words of love, once a young man passed away. These shared spaces and experiences are the focus of my work.

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"it`s incredible but it is dapend on our life"

"luke, you are truly amazing in more ways than jusst your art, whichis amazing in and of itself"

"Interesting and well achieved choice of colors and elements of art in the compositions of each painting."

"There is something familiar and comforting about those buildings. The second building speaks to me more than anything. Very evocative."

"I love the color variations and where you chose to place them. The reflections you have about the places and spaces makes these pieces have endless depth of meaning and interest as I study them and as I myself walk my mind through the scene, thinking "what would my contemplations be if I were here, how would this surrounding scene move me this day? How about tomorrow? Who walked this path before me and what were they thinking and feeling and on their way to?" This wonderful art is a bit like what I recall as a younger person, my perspective of familiar places could change at my will depending on my outlook at the time. This is great work, thank you for sharing this unique talent with us!"

"Really nice use of acrylics. Could stare each for hours."

"I love the dream like perspective and the rich colors. It's very moving and captures the essence of these places. It's like paintings of the buildings' souls. Wonderful work!"

"Love it"

"This is good stuff.Real and gritty, without being hard and unkind.A crazy world depicted here, with its distortions, loneliness; mysterious environment in many ways, but one we are all familiar with.A wonderful view you have given us."

"Aaaaaaawesome work this is very relistic work!!!!!!!- make something about a dog!!!!:)"

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