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Chris Sedgwick  Asheville, NC

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About Chris

Using the Roman Augur as the central figure, many of his pieces are self portraits focusing on the tranfser of energy and the process of creation.

Heavily influenced by Carravagio, Odd Nerdrum, Sir Alta-Tadema and Maxfield Parish, his narrative work is well suited for both portraits and thematic commissions.

A Florida native with a BFA from Florida State University, Chris relocated to Asheville, NC in 2004.

Chris Sedgwick”s work is in private collections throughout the world from Holland to New Zealand. Both Florida State University and Western Carolina University hold his paintings in their museum collections.

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"slight art interpretationspic a; meditation is the key to unlocking the strong and tender secrets of ones latent energy.pic b; intuition defines a uniform balance within the variables of nature."

"I am reminded of alchemical emblems. I likey!"

"I agree. I don't see or feel any depth in the painting either. It's feels mechanical.."

"These remind me of tarot cards -- maybe the High Priest in the first and perhaps a Two of Wands in the second. It's been several years since I studied the tarot though, so..."


"This work just blows me away."

"soo dramatic. i like this painting."

"refreashing to see art that alows me to go within and bring my life experience into play.Carravagio, Odd Nerdrum, Sir Alta-Tadema and Maxfield Parish, are also still in play today, unless you lack something with in yourself. From what I see here this artist has a good hand, and knowledge of self and the world."

"Even with the best of intentions these paintings look camp and kitsch. Not sure of their relevance to present day culture. Alma-Tadema, Parrish and Nerdrum suffer the same problems. I think there is a huge obstacles with using classical imagery to discuss present day issues."

"i like these so much thank you"

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