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Helena Wurzel  Boston, MA

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About Helena

I use painting as a way to reinvent the world as I experience it. The people, places, and objects that I observe in my daily life are my largest source material. In this body of work I have focused on the ways in which figures occupy domestic space. The main characters in these paintings are my friends and myself. Whether the painting is a single portrait or a multi-figural composition, the figures tend to not face the viewer, but rather to each be in a contemplative state. In the more complex scenes, the different characters are in one another”s presence, yet each is somewhat absorbed in her own quiet moment of daily living. The figures” actions reveal the narrative. They are often caught in common private acts such as getting dressed, undressed, and looking in the mirror. I depict objects from around my home, such as my sewing machine, dress forum, and magazines to emphasize my love of fashion. I also use my own well-worn cowboy boots, sneakers, and trendy clothing to help contextualize my work in contemporary society. Other objects, such as my cell phone, ipod, and computer, enter the work to add another layer to the narrative and to reference current cultural icons. My love of pattern and color is incorporated through clothing, wallpaper, and carpets. Often I use windows or doorways as a way of creating a specific light or referencing a time of day. Windows and doors simultaneously also function as a way of separating the outside world from my interior vision, while acknowledging the reality of both realms.

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"love that 1st one."

"I love this is cool"

"I agree with Ron D."

"this art is really good!"

"The cut-outs are cool, but I really like the paintings. I'm not sure why, but I do respond to them, and their dialogue about the initmacies of daily living. I like their simplicity and the line the artist walks between representation and abstraction. I like them."

"I guess I look for deeper sentiment in art. I want to be affected on a deeper emotional level. The colors are interesting but the pieces lack emotional impact for me."

"I actually really like the paper cut outs that can be found on her website a lot more then her paintings..."

"Cool stuff-- The paper cut-outs remind me a bit of Kara Walker's work, but with color. Very interesting ideas."

"Not really my style, but I don't like Matisse much either."

"look like 1960 magazine Ads you would see in the Life... a Madmen look..."

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