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Michelle Mackey  Brooklyn, NY

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About Michelle

The images in my paintings are mainly from the physical structures in my environment. I look at the surface mix of cracked mortar, shiny metal, peeling paint, and rusty scaffolds; I hear the rhythmic distance from chimney to chimney, branch to branch, and window to window; I think of the structural soundness of repetition, from the frame to the brick. As I work, I periodically refer back to these environmental sources, as well as conversations, books, music, patterns and other sources for ideas on color, form, and composition. The story of my process is embedded in layers of paint (layers of choices) visible on the canvas: a trail of past decisions shutting off certain paths to allow other possibilities. I’m searching, tweaking, scratching, both my mind and the image on the canvas, to uncover what I am really seeing and the process of how I see. On my microcosmic-level, I am looking into a larger system beyond the individual. I do not believe in chance or events without purpose, so I do feel that my search will reveal certain truths or aspects of a larger truth.

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"The second one is very Francis Bacon.I'm not sure the artist's statement really reflects anything that I'm seeing except for the structural/building aspect. Nice compositions, but I feel thats really all they are."

"I like your works maybe they are little bit, can I say this, "architectural"? I have an architectural background and doing somethingelse.My eyes see perspectives, site plans, finish materials, etc. I like compositions and colors in your paintings."

"Stunning linear elements and powerful use of color to set moods. The artist's work on her web page is even more impressive in my opinion. The disciplined starkness of her black and white pictures or monochromes is breathtaking. They draw the eye to the elements of the picture in a way thatevokes all kinds of mental images for me. Bravo!"

"i like this art so..much.."

"It looks to me as if you are living in a garbage dump. It's sad that I see no beauty in your world."


"Fantastic work, both visceral and cerebral at the same time-- The use of color and shapes and such are really astounding.One of the best I've seen on this site. Thank you for sharing your pieces."

"Having lived in Brooklyn for a short part of my life, I recognize where Michelle might be getting her textures and geometries. I very much enjoy the second painting because some of the urban patterns are set against a dark space-like backdrop, reminding me that there was a time before cities, even before Earth."

"Interesting concept and treatment"

"this is really good art!"

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