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Theresa Handy  Twin Cities, MN

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About Theresa

Inspired by the complexity of human interaction with the world and with one another, I create paintings that evoke a sense of solitude and longing for inclusion and purpose. In my most recent mixed media paintings, I am frequently drawn to environments that are otherwise busy with people but are left deserted for one reason or another. Images of people occupying the same space but not interacting or having little connection with one another have also been capturing my attention. I am attracted to the oddness, awkwardness and sometimes loneliness these figures portray because of their lack of interaction or the obscurity of their actions.

I begin my process for creating a painting by shooting digital photos and then enlarging and altering them in Photoshop. I then print the photo on paper in several sections. I piece the papers together to reform the original image and adhere them to a panel. I apply acrylic paint over the photo to further alter the original image and to create a dialogue between photography and paint. For me, this dialogue speaks of reality vs. perceptions and one’s own impression of a moment or happening.

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"Is very good in composition and execution of the ideas. I love it."

"Couldn't have said it better, Shrugs."

"that is very cool.right you are best"

"It reminds me of when I go to the beach. It makes me feel happy. I would put it in my house.STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Really wonderful. Several pieces on the website that I'd like to own, so I could see them daily and get to know them. The top painting here, for instance..."


"The concept is unsettling, but real. The artist portrays us as we sometimes (often?)are, alone in the midst of a crowd."

"Wow, the openness and distance in these is breathtaking."

"I very much enjoyed Theresa Handy's early work, particularly The Sleeping Forest from the late 90's (Kellie Rae Theiss Gallery - anyone out there remember that place?). This is a continued stylistic shift away from those days but I find that I really like it. Very intriguing."

"The tone and colors remind me of old rusted metal from the 50s. It gives the viewer a feeling of nastalgia, even for those of us who were not around back then. My only criticism is that the landscapes are mostly empty, making it difficult to enjoy observing the art for longer periods of time."

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