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Joshua Bronaugh  Wurzburg, Bavaria

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About Joshua

Originally from Bavaria, Joshua has lived and traveled all over the world. He studied art in Rome and Florence and taught art in the Ukraine. His work is influenced by phenomenology, the study of what and how we perceive and interpret the world.

Joshua’s is represented by LeQuire Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee.

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"That you for sharing you art with us :)"

"this work make me inspired"

"This is amazing and looks like it would belong in some really modern multi-million dollar mansion but apparently from the other comments it's a knock off?"

"Great Art!"

"I really like these. They differ from Kanevsky's in some qualitative way (at least from what I could glean from a 3 second exposure to his work)."

"this just looks like kanevsky but without any of the delicate genius."

"Looks JUST like alex kanevsky."

"Alex Kanevsky has yet another clone."

"The resemblance with kanevsky's work is really disturbing, from the brushstroke to the color and even the subjects. It's too bad, it looks like he has enough talent to tell his own story."

"A very simple painting with so many words and message in it. I just love it"

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