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Kelly Reemtsen  Los Angeles, CA

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About Kelly

The influence of contemporary figurative oil painters is palpable, but Kelly Reemtsen”s own style and personality shine out with color palette and hints of abstraction. She is meticulous in process with clear intention of image and color, but loose and painterly in execution. Her subjects are transformed in oil on panel that are quintessentially Kelly.

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"pic a; a ladies shine from timiditypic b; feminine character is a potential risk"

"This is excellent! Some people aren't getting the chainsaw, and I don't understand why. I cannot say I would still enjoy them without it. It shows contrast and strength; someone who's been through something and is still as beautiful and strong. It's thoughtful and I love it!"

"Interesting work in the way the paint is handled and shapes are formed, however it does ultimately nothing in terms of subverting gender roles or creating a discussion around feminine power. Be a little mroe vicious, Kelly"


"hahaha..funny + NICE +++++ ~~~~ u've drawn a chain-saw"

"these pics are so good. i am in love with them!"


"i love these! great heavy brush strokes and i dig the compositions! beautiful colors as well!"

"i love this art."

"Most of the people on this comments page don't like the chainsaw. Without it it would just be a fashion plate and not a very good one at that.Wake up people! Art is a weapon not something to match the color of the sofa."

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