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Christina Shurts  Long Beach, CA

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About Christina

Appropriated architectural structures combine with memory and transform into fiction. Consistently the structures have the source of being of a site people escape to. The use of color triggers an emotional read that connects the viewer’s memory of place. Contained within the layered architectural constructions, the reference to superstructure unfolds. It’s dual meaning pulled apart as a physical built amalgam and conversely a sociological hierarchy in culture propels this current series. Varied layers reference time and building up to a desired edifice while weight and balance in the images reference a looming instability. A strange humor is evident through awkward forms and “off” color palette, this may add a reprieve from the serious nature of the subject matter.

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"Dreamy sweet and then a little frightening - a contrast of silence with wild joyful color. Some day I'll figure these out. Until then, I'll enjoy the ride."

"The dual eye view or perception of an age-long couple."

"new website!!"

"Found another site for her work, with slot more images! does not come up under Google search but was linked on her Facebook A/C"

"love the contrast in the colorsit really makes each paintingunique."

"These are wonderful paintings of structures that populate my dreams. Perhaps the language used to describe them is so dense because the images are so fragile, home balanced precariously on limbs and stilts -- like the subconscious, like life. Beautiful dream like colors."

"I like your art,the colors and tactic."

"I also meant to add that these paintings remind me of recurring dreams I have where I am on rides at a rickety amusement part and the rides are tall and growing out of controll with all sorts of sticks and supports and never ending coasters that go on for miles. I am amazed at how she has actually captured that feeling from my dreams onto her canvases. It is a bit creepy, the structures old and crazy out of proportion to actual safe rides!"

"Artists have a right to describe their intentions with their art. It's something they need to know to get into art school, as well. Of course the art will mean different things to each viewer."

"Oh I madly love the first picture! I also wish I could live there.Also I so agree with Anon. That artists create and critics critique. and to let the viewer be free to think what it means to them!!!!!"

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