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Peter Funch  New York, NY

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About Peter

Peter Funch graduated from the Danish School of Journalism and his portfolio is full of beautiful shots that have been tampered with just enough to trick the mind. There are swarms of aeroplanes in skies like flocks of birds, lights from unknown vehicles, and in his “Babel Tales” (left) collection he’s taken street shots in New York and added some mind games afterwards.

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"MY REVIEWpic a; at a jam of technology,the human community still asks for more.pic b; a generation of mankind,walking through stages of life/civilization, in strong agreement with a central diplomacy."

"I really like these pictures. These are the kind of pictures i like to take. You can have so many different opinions on how you see what is in the picture. Nice job!"

"I literally yawned when i saw the first photo haha :) very clever"


"i yawned when i saw this"


"the yawning picture makes me yawn... hahaha these are great photos"

"the asaian guy yawning in the back is very convincing.."

"i love this pictures..the first one pictures the city life..stressful"

"haha...dope. i love it."

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