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Jade Klara  Cape Town, South Africa

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About Jade

Jade Klara produces lovingly handcrafted work, from illustration, hand lettering to design. Through subject matter, technique and colour, her work represents strong themes of contrasting innocence, sadness, love and loss. Inspired by Japanese Kawaii, colourful South African lifestyle and classic story tales, her drawings serve to make you smile.

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'Lions Tigers And Bears'

'South Africa'

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"WOW ..what can I say the first piece of art is completely amazing it reminds me of myself when I was a lil girl and my stuffed Panda which I still sleep with today and I am 31 my Panda always kept bad nightmares away ..very nice done..LOVE IT"

"Amazing, these are very beautiful drawing."

"This art piece has emotion, the feeling of darkness lurking in the artwork and sadness dripping out. Beautiful, such amazing master piece. Great work, keep at it!!"

"this is real talent"

"The girl riding the bear with the bear mask on, bear with tiger mask on. . . this is SUCH a powerful image to me because I see it as the failure of a society of parents to be authentic and so follows the failure of the generation depending on them. They wear a mask, too. Thank you!!!"

"I love this work. Kinda like Alice in Wonderland"

"love it like to see more of it,"

"I love these pieces. How can they be so dark and kind of cute at the same time!?"

"I like these a lot. It's a world I can relate to. Seems to me like the dark inner world of dreams, fantasies, emotions, desires, etc, the places we explore on our own, for the most part. Thanks for sharing."

"I absolutley love this. I can tell there is hurt and saddness but they made me smile the first time I saw them. This is very neat, keep up the great work!"

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