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Laura Bell  Atlanta, GA

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About Laura

This current work explores the possibilities for disruption and fluctuation that grow out of an orderly structure.
The images reference the natural, physical world, drawing on forms from deep-sea flora and fauna, microscopic organisms and cellular structures, and cryptogamous plants such as algae, lichens, fungus, and mold.
The astonishing and often unsettling beauty found in natural phenomenon is explored through the use of imaginary, hybrid, and existent imagery.

The repeating marks and forms are derived from patterns of repetition found in biological systems, as well as by the regularity and repetition found in computer generated fractals and lace patterns. While the images are built on symmetrical and orderly forms, the drawings evolve and develop into a semi-chaotic tangle of ropy vines, bulbous growths, and spiky creatures. This rampant growth could recall the enchanted, yet sinister world of a child’s fairy tale, the strange and unsettling beauty of deep-sea life, or the mutation of a cellular structure by a virus or disease. The delicate intricacy in the drawn and painted marks lures one in for a more intimate experience, and presents a dream-like, interior world populated by forms that are both familiar and mysterious.

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"very interesting!"

"I love detail...this is beautiful work. Is it mixed media?"

"This is very interesting. I love it !"

"Would love that second piece hung above my couch. I have a huge wall with vaulted ceilings in my condo. would go perfect!!!"

"Liked Bloom the most.....unusual and would hang any of these in a minute....if only I could."

"Top quality artwork by a professional artist. Her beautiful pieces seem to combine biological, molecular apects along with the intricate features of lace."

"I don't really like these paintings, but I do like the work on his site, they they mix organic and ordinary shapes well."

"Just got off of Laura Bell's website. All of her work is fantastic, but I especially like her morphosis and suspension series...maybe because there's more color. The radiolaria, dinoflagellates and other one celled creatures are displayed in such mezmerizing designs. Her work just blows me away!"

"golden ratio?"

"Very nice! It just becomes...and keeps your eyes moving"

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