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Joel Jones  Plymouth, PA

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About Joel

Joel Carson Jones has had a profound interest in art since early childhood. It wasn’t until college that Joel dedicated his life to making his art a career. While in college Joel was introduced and inspired by the artists of the high Renaissance as well as the work of the Flemish masters. While in college Jones befriended another student, Anthony Waichulis whose work he admired greatly. After that time Joel furthered his education at another institution but due to the progressive lean of the art training, he decided to leave after one year. Upon leaving Joel headed for Europe where he spent a summer painting En plein air and studying the works of many great masters. When Joel returned he was determined to find a formal traditional education. At that time his friend Waichulis opened up an atelier and Joel seized the opportunity to begin his vigorous apprenticeship under his training and guidance. Since that time Joel has gained a national reputation for his work.

Joel’s work has been featured in several of the nations most respected galleries and has been featured in numerous national and international publications, including the Artist’s Magazine, International Artist’s Magazine, American Art Collector and American Artist Drawing. Joel is also the recipient of significant awards from the Salmagundi Club, Allied Artists of America, the Artist’s Magazine, International Artist’s Magazine and the Art Renewal Center’s International Salon Competition. Joel has also been granted a Living Master status by the International Art Renewal Center. Joel resides in Pennsylvania where he continues to pursue his art with unwavering dedication. In addition to painting Joel also trains promising artists in his private studio.

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"MY REVIEWpic a; at the breakdown of death, ones creativity and craftiness that is left behind on earth, is shade of documentation with the archive.pic b; Joel Carson Jones is pitched on a stand still to absorb life and replicate it through his own self."

"this is great work it reminds me of the toys in my attic or the clock on the wall!"

"This is amazing work. But, alas, poor Yoric...he lost his marbles..."

"Amazing realism! I would love to see more from this artist than is posted on his website."

"i'm inspired"

"beautiful and stuning work!! yet the only thing that comes to my head after viewing the worka, is the fact that i wouldnt be able to do anything like it!!"

"i my friking god....the first looks like a a kid. u know? the mind of a child due to the toys..but the second one is so simple-yet original. i love the dull grey background contrasting with the red crayon. i almost thought these were pictures"

"He was inspired by his mentor (copied)Anthony Waichulis ( named in the article. They both paint super realism. They both use tape and photos. Check it out."

"I don't know what word to use...astonishing? beautiful? It helps that he used a non-porous surface. I hope to see more of Joel Jones' work. He is an amazing artist."

"I find these simplistic and pleasing creations, thought provoking, and unlike some other commenter, I find them quite original. They are technically well done and they cause me to reminisce about childhood."

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