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Laura Noel  Atlanta, GA

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About Laura

In America, smokers have become social refugees banished to windy corners, cars, and private homes. I am interested in the idea that the nation has become so disenchanted with smoking that we have tried to legislate smokers out of existence.

Although more than 20 percent of the United States population smokes cigarettes, this large group has been exiled from the public space while indulging. I am interested in the small rebellions and compulsions that propel people to continue smoking in the face of public condemnation.

Addiction, of course, is largely responsible, but I have noticed that there is often a residue of glamour that smokers crave. The image of a 1940s movie star languidly smoking a cigarette signaled sophistication and elegance. The faint echo of that false glamour can be seen in these portraits.

The enjoyment of the act, the often theatrical pause, and the ability to take a break from the work day and think or converse with friends for a few minutes as the cigarette burns down are more meaningful than non-smokers would imagine.

Deliver Me explores a diverse group of Americans united by a dangerous habit.

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'Smoke Break'

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"i like the picture."

"Nice work. I enjoy smoking."

"LOL i cannot get past these comments! Im not a smoker but im also not a beliver of exciling people because of their personal habits. Their are so many other horrible things happening in this world. And what ever happened to minding your own business, and letting individuals be just that? And by the way Ms. Noel your art in beautiful!! its so real!"

"HAHA!!! All you people complaining about smokers! I completely get these! It's so funny to me! People do make me feel bad about smoking, esp. lately with all there smoking bans! I feel like I can't smoke anywhere! Oh and Sarah.. waaa waa waa! Sensitive to smoke my ass. I understand it, I respect non smokers but most of you are just chronic complainers who love to hear their own voice. More people should smoke then maybe this country wouldn't be so damn fat! Did you know at the rate obesity is going my generation(i'm 24) will most likely outlive their children! ICK! Smoking oh well... but the way people eat now, now that is disgusting! I'm a waitress and sometimes I just wanna tell people that diet coke isn't going to help when you are a fat pig and eat enough for 4 people! UCK!!! I hate the internet sometimes! Any idiot can say anything!! I never usually write stuff but for GOD's sakes I just wanted to look at art and people have to make stupid comments about it! Keep them to yourself you self righteous pricks! Tom you probably have some dirty and filthy habit as well. Probably worse then smoking... or maybe you're a fat ass too!"


"Well I like smoking..."

"I firmly believe if people want to kill themselves slowly by smoking; pollute their own bodies with such poison; and 'indulge' in such a repulsive habit then they should do so in the privacy of their own homes or spaces. Others who do not smoke don't need to be poisoned or polluted because smokers feel the need to smoke anywhere they please in public. I have a brother with asthma and most my immediate family members are extremely sensitive to the smoke of cigarettes. The smell makes me nauseous and no doubt will have harmful effects on all those subjected to the whims of smokers smoking in open public places. So, while I admire the creativity behind this I don't not agree with its sentiments or message as a whole. Labeling smokers as social refugees is a bit much."

"Please look at the artist's website if you haven't yet. There is much more there than works re smoking. I looked through all the galleries and thoroughly enjoyed them, especially "Fiction". Laura, your work is beautiful!"

"So eloquent and true!I am one of those "reformed smokers" and I completely agree. Smokers are now society's pariahs.... it seems there always needs to be someone. I understand the health issues and don't wish to debate that but instead appreciate the truth Laura "speaks" through her work! Brave."

"I think your going a little far to say they are trying to put us into extinction, your welcome to smoke on the streets and in public outdoor areas in the majority of America still. I don't think there is any secret agenda in the legislation here. I really like the glamor shots, but you should consider another smoker project if you haven't with the drinking because that enters the pure habitual nature of smoking while drinking and there is a complex lack of glamour to someone with heavy intoxication."

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