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Naoko Ito  New York, NY

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About Naoko

Naoko Ito was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She received a BA in Science of Design with a concentration in museum studies from Musashino Art University in Tokyo.

As a part of her latest series of works titled “Urban Nature” she cut tree branches into small pieces, placed them in jars and stacked them to take shape of the original branch.

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Recommended by our guest curators

Jeff Demetriou

Atlanta, GA artist

"For me, successful installation work lives and dies on concept. How this concept is executed becomes almost secondary. Ito's work is brilliant both in its execution and its conveyance of the multi-layered commentaries and concepts being presented."

Christopher Jobson

Creator/Editor, Colossal

"On Colossal I love to share work that while easily understandable at first glance, also leaves a lasting, unforgettable impact. Naoko Ito's segmented tree branches easily fall into that category, you're immediately struck with the typical "why didn't I think of that?" moment, but then realize wow absurdly complex each sculpture must be to create."

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"Mind boggling, I'm speechless"

"Love how Ms Ito incorporates Godmade with manmade and the pieces put the vocal point on Godmade"

"Awesome work! I imagine the branch being submerged in water in it's own biosphere, like the ones you could buy a while back. It's like a tiny world captured. Visually impressive--took some serious figuring and patience to assemble this!"

"Naoko Itos work is impossible to look away. I keep thinking of the TV series After The People. What will the planet look like after the people are gone. This compelling image of tree roots growing through glass bottles seems an apt symbol of nature batting last. Not so very far fetched. Lovely art Naoko. Thank you.Cheryl Renee"

"This is probably more difficult than it get the pieces in just the right alignment within the jars. A very unique way of capturing the beauty of nature."

"Cool I have ever seen anything like it."

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