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Guest curator: Jeff Demetriou  
Atlanta, GA artist

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About Jeff

Jeff Demetriou is an American artist best known for his highly conceptual mixed media and installation works that combine philosophical and existential principals into a unique work process that incorporates photography, digital design, collage, painting and drawing. Themes such as the nature of perception, objectification, idealism, and opposition are common throughout his work, which has been described by many as both meditative and self-reflecting. Currently, Demetriou is working on a series of large-scale paintings based on the recorded memories of surveyed participants, and is also about to begin work on one of the largest public murals in the Southeast located in downtown Atlanta and scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012.

Jeff's selections

Janet Echelman

Brookline, MA


A household name at this point in her career, Janet's work succeeds on so many levels be it scale, form, color, and/or sheer ambition. Her suspensions are almost supernatural in appearance, and I see her work as a continuation of color-field painting in the sense that it seems to come the closest in achieving a pure color form without being bound by only two dimensions. Amazing.


Naoko Ito

New York, NY


For me, successful installation work lives and dies on concept. How this concept is executed becomes almost secondary. Ito's work is brilliant both in its execution and its conveyance of the multi-layered commentaries and concepts being presented.


Lucia Fischer

Sydney, Australia


It takes a real eye and an incredible depth of perspective on reality to take what most view as the banal and everyday things in life and present them in a manner and tone that stirs real emotion and contemplation in the viewer. Fischer's work achieves this feat while at the same time being compositionally superb.


Markus Lerner

Berlin, Germany


As of late, I'm very drawn to work that not only conveys its concept(s) effectively, but do so by interacting with the environment in which it's placed. Lerner's pieces, while visually stunning, are extremely dynamic in the manner in which their function dictates their form.


Motoi Yamamoto

Ishikawa, Japan


There are very few artist in history whose work you view and are left with feeling and contemplating things you rarely feel or contemplate when viewing work. Yamamoto is one of those artist. Not only are his forms, medium, and scale simply amazing, the process by which the work is created in itself is almost a meditative and/or spiritual experience. This 'deeper connection' likely involved in his process is completely communicated through the work, and commands a reverence one usually reserves for sacred places of worship or beauty.


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