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Natalia Vetrova  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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About Natalia

Natalia began exhibiting professionally after graduation in 1995 from the Stroganov Academy of Art, she was qualified with a Master of Art Criticism and as a Designer.

Her longing for inspiration and fresh ideas took her through Asia as a member of geological expedition. Ultimately, Natalia’s travels led her to the natural beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1997. Natalia opened her Studio of Art and Design, where she teaches and works.

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"I find Vetrova's skill in draftsmanship impressive and her symbology intriguing. That said, I must admit some (but not all) of her oils appear hastily rendered, offering little depth of tone."

"So talented and artistic! i love this painting alot! almost like the victorian age meets modern."

"very colorful and i can see a resemblence to peacocks..."

"Very provocative and sensual works of art!"

"I guess it's just me, but I think these paintings lack a lot of contrast. Yes, there's volume, but it's not very deep. I'm sorry, but it's very student grade in my opinion."

"love them !! XD"

"idk not my type"

"beatifu; worl"

"What beautiful paintings! So filled with luscious colors and textures. I was able to connect with Natalia's site. A wonderful collection of art. Good luck in pursuing your talents."

"I love the rich illuminating quality and the alluring subjects. Thought provoking as well."

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