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David Shrigley  Glasgow, Scotland

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About David

David Shrigley is a Glasgow-based artist. Although he works in various media, he is best known for his mordantly humorous cartoons released in softcover books or postcard packs. Shrigley finds humour in flat depictions of the inconsequential, the unavailing and the bizarre – although he is far fonder of violent or otherwise disquieting subject matter. Shrigley’s work has two of the characteristics often encountered in outsider art – an odd viewpoint, and (in some of his work) a deliberately limited technique. His freehand line is often weak, which jars with his frequent use of a ruler; his forms are often very crude; and annotations in his drawings are poorly executed and frequently contain crossings-out

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"Great internet site! It looks really expert! Maintain the good work!"

"This is not art - it is sick, tasteless and upsetting. Using dead animals in "art" is cheap sensationalism signifying a lack of talent in those who resort to it. It is to be hoped that the kitten (and other dead creatures used by Shrigley and his ilk) were not specially killed for thr purpose."

"what is this piece called?"

"It's interesting to see David Shrigley's work on here. He's a much more established and successful (in the business sense) artist than the majority of the other artists on the site. I find his work cynical and hilarious, and I have great respect for what he's done. At the same time, having him on this site is like having Matthew Barney, Olafur Eliasson, or even Damien Hirst on here, in that these are figures with a presence in international exhibitions, magazines, and significant museum shows, etc. Perhaps artistaday has a democratic impulse to equalize the field or include famous artists next to recent BFA grads, which is fine by me. It's also interesting that the previous comments seem to imply no previous knowledge of Shrigley's work! That's not good or bad -- just an observation."

"Love this artists site - great to see a mind transferred to the pages - or is it?Genuinely interesting. Art is an idea!"

"This is very surrealist and clever.definitely interesting and keeps you intrigued."

"Ah-ha moments in unsettling direction. Realism edge. More of the present metaphysical problem, or, were you only joking? Your web page is worth viewing too."


"your jail is your mind... Please do not attempt to trap someone else in it..."

"I was so grateful for everyones comments, I truly thought I was missing something. As Sloan said, "it's art, just art". Thank you."

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