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Diego Gravinese  Buenos Aires, Argentina

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About Diego

Diego Gravinese was born in La Plata, Argentina and currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He creates large-scale, photo-realistic oil paintings where viewers are free to complete the storylines in their own imagination.

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"Really good."

"Diego is my favorite living artist in the world. His paintings are amazing! And he's cute ;) He's super nice too! I pester him on twitter and e-mail and he even messages back sometimes :) Haha don't judge me! I'm just a silly 18-year-old artist with a hero!And to everyone who comments on here that his paintings lack creativity or that they just look like photographs, look at his other stuff! Not everything he paints is photorealistic. He has a real personal voice and style going on. I think his more photorealistic paintings are better received by the public, which may be why they're the ones that get posted on sites like this. Personally, I've stopped even trying to enter my more abstract stuff in competitions and shows; people just don't find it "impressive" like they do my more representational stuff. Some of you fellow artists can probably relate to that. Seriously though. Give his gallery a look. It's worth your time!"

"y'all should check out his flickr site to get an idea of the scope of his work.. these two images seem to be rare single moments. much of his other work fuses images, styles and sensibilities (kinda reminds me of david salle). i like how he puts his process and life out there, people prescribe their own meanings. good good."

"I admit the colors are captured good however there are things missing in these pictures. Maybe a little bit of kinkyness or more creativity"

"Beautiful detail, I thought they were photos! I would love to have copies to hang =)"

"I like the subject matter. It's mundane, but I like that an artist is willing to put that much effort into something that might not be as widely received as a more exciting line of material."

"I saw his other paintings and i guess he obviously likes girls."

"Ok, I have to admit, the realism of these paintings areGREAT! but i just don't like what they're about. They don'tinterest me, i guess."

"la verdad que es impresionante..i love this paintings..."

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