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Joe Holbrook  London, UK

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About Joe

Based in London, artist Joe Holbrook has spent time traveling the world capturing nightlife on film. Once developed these photographs become basis for paintings that reflect and portray the anonymous figures discovered. For the last two months, Holbrook has been living and working in Amsterdam. The end result of this stay is ‘In Deep,” a series of portrait paintings taken from the Amsterdam nightlife.

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'Smoke Break'

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"The most amazing paintings I have ever seen! Joe is extremely talented. Where can I see more of his work?"

"I love this!!"

"UGH. The only "message" I get from ALL of these paintings is the portrayal of a drunk/stoned/gangster.No positive connotation. No positive vibe. Of all the things this artist could have used his talent to paint, he paints this stuff. It just makes me exasperated."

"i like your paintins!nice shirts :]"

"Interesting concept and work."

"forgot to sayyou are a skillful painter"

"I admire how much he is able to capture emotion even though we can't see the subjects' eyes"

"great success!"

"Dislike them both."

"I would agree that "Gemma" on the artist site is best...Love em all though. =)"

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