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Jeff Hughart  Bonners Ferry, ID

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Jeff Hughart is a self-described ‘outsider artist” who creates boldly expressive abstract paintings in his basement Bonnerport Building studio in Bonner’s Ferry. He also has several paintings on display for sale at the Groove Studio, an artist-run cooperative gallery owned by Carolyn Testa. There is an unmistakable raw edginess in Jeff’s creations, works which have been compared to both cave paintings and children’s art. The colorful, primitive, and visceral pieces seem to demand an instant reaction from the viewer, and Jeff himself will be the first to admit not everyone is a fan. ‘At one gallery event I overheard a lady (pointing to one of my paintings) say her kid could paint better than that” Jeff recalls. ‘I thought to myself I hope they can, and I really don’t mean that in a vindictive way. People have different tastes and their own understanding about what is and what isn’t art and that’s fine.”

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"There is a very strong similarity between your paintings and Jean-Michael Besquait."

"It's art people. Either you like it or you don't. If you like, it say so. If you don't, say so. But stop fooling yourselves into thinking there is a right or wrong way to do it."

"After a long time passing, I now realized that I should give credit where it is most certainly due. This is NOT a Jeff Hughart painting. This is a Ginny Kirsch/Jeff Hughart painting. We did these two paintings together. My apologies to Ginny for not pointing this out earlier."

"I love these two, but I've seen Jeff's other work displayed in the Groove Studio in Bonners Ferry, ID, as well as through his web site at, and there are lots of others that far outweigh these two. He rocks!"

"This art is fantastic. Yes, it is heavily influenced by Basquiat but it is clearly his own. I also love the Cy Twombly influence that comes through so clearly. These paintings have passion, brilliant color, they are just exciting!"

"I am the artist of these two pieces. The artist a day people picked these two pieces for the site. I would not have picked these two myself since they are collaborations and I have only done a few collabs in my life. Anyway, yes I am a big Basquiat fan. Yes, sometimes the paintings are a bit too close to some of his works. I always credit him and tell people that he's one of my favorite artists and a big influence. So, I do appreciate all the comments good or bad. I learned to take criticism when I played in a band years ago. If I had checked here and saw no comments at all or just two or three, now that would have sucked. That someone is offended and takes the time to say so, now, that's a huge compliment. It really is. Anyway, if you do happen to go to my website, you will see that it's not all of a Basquiat influence or style.Thanks.Jeff"

"I truly do not understand you people who cannot stand criticism. That is what it is all about when you put anything you create out in public view, from an art piece to a refrigerator to a child's toy. Most of the time I don't bother to comment when I don't like something, but occasionally do. This is not my style at all, I find the Obama characture a tad bit offensive, but I also understand that there is always a lover of every style and that is up to each individual to decide. But I certainly don't get all up in arms when someone does not like something I love or something I created. From experience in the art world myself -- if you can't take criticism, you really need to find another outlet and let it be a hobby as people can be way crueler than anything I've ever seen on here."

"i'm really feeling that first piece. second one's good too i guess i'm just tired of seeing obama's face everywhere."

"Thank you for your raw emotions. Too many people are becoming very complacent and apathetic: afraid to stand up and be strongly emotional! We have to find a strong backbone to express ourselves - and not become "A Sheeple".It's funny, right now we are celebrating WOODSTOCK. Where did they all go? We need that emotion - like right now!"

"I love it. Whatever my opinion about politics, I love his work. Very interesting, expressive and fun to look at."

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