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Kenji Hirata  Nagasaki, Japan

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About Kenji

Kenji Hirata’s artwork in form and color is strongly inspired by nature, billboards and hand painted signage of Southeast Asia, and futurism.

The theme that runs through Hirata’s body of work is a story he has created, in which an entire universe exists. His paintings, drawings, and films provide glimpses into this universe.

Hirata has developed a language of icons and symbols, which take on new meanings as they are combined and recombined throughout his abstract and figurative works.

Hirata creates his work for an open mind. He intends to speak to the childlike part of the viewer that is not jaded and can imagine the right direction for the future with clear vision.

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Recommended by our guest curators

Matt Wyatt

Founder/President of Rochester MFA

"Kenji is exactly the type of artist I want for exhibition in the museum. His work is fun and futuristic and pulled completely from his mind. His works are inspired by nature and he claims that they are mere “glimpses into his universe”. His murals would revive any depressing city and surely improve their perception while also inspiring change and revitalization. The brilliant colors and his use of space, proportion, and shape stirs your energy. It’s hard not to smile."

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"I love your work??"

"LOVE your work!!!"

"I love it....amazing work!!!!!"

"very interesting. many colors put together. in different shapes and forms. brilint. very pleased. i adore it. very abstract."

"interesting! hmm! pretty!"

"so cool! the colors are brilliant and all those lines and shapes formed geometricaly looked organic in away. fantastic."

"go to the artist's website and WATCH the MOVIE - fascinating and mesmerizing!!"

"your work is out of sight"

"Love your paintings. I love color and anything that stirs my energy. I have been painting for 8 years and I am still looking for the right style and to stick with it. I think I am almost there, but your work makes me want to go outside and paint, paint, paint.Thank you.Verna"

"so creative and nice colors... love your work."

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