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Surabhi Saraf  San Francisco, CA

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About Surabhi

Surabhi is a new media artist whose work brings together elements from experimental sound art, classical music, choreography and video art. She takes a compositional approach, punctuating her works by events and moments choreographed in time. Surabhi has a background in Indian classical singing and has used her voice in concert with familiar daily sounds in her recent video installations and live performances. Her works attempt to accentuate the audience experience, ranging from the subtle and pleasant, to the powerful and overwhelming. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009 with an MFA in Art and Technology. Prior to that, she obtained a BFA in Painting from MSU Baroda (India) in 2003.

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"i really love your work hope to see more soon....good luck"

"Thanks, So much everyone, I am working on my second video in the same series right now called FOLD. Check my website in a month."

"What beautiful work. Can't wait to see more on your site."

"Surabhi, this is wonderful! Well done."


"Very creative and completely interesting work. I enjoyed viewing this video a lot."


"Amazingly beautiful!!!! I found his series a lot more interesting, those were my favorite, specially the rubber one. I thought they had a lot of a series of sculptures by Miguel Angel Buonarroti called "the prisoners", they just popped into my head while i was watching the poeple in rubber. The underwater ones where awesom too but some of the them reminded me a lot to Igor Kraguljac's thesis research project of the chiaroscuro in photography, specially those in which the models are dressed with red clothes.Everything was truly amazing and visiting the artist's site is a must... definitely 5 stars for you!!"


"I love art that I can't turn away from. I also love video art that isn't mind-numbingly boring. This is amazing."

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