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Greg Lamarche  New York, NY

Hand cut paper collage
'Blessing, Curse'
Hand cut paper collage

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About Greg

Greg Lamarche was born and raised in Queens and still resides in New York City. After spending more than 25 years as a graffiti writer he turned his attention to collage art. Greg’s work is meticulously crafted from found objects. With a hint of typography, graffiti and wit his pieces make a bold statement with viewers and has earned him numerous shows at White Walls Gallery, Reed Space and most recently Show and Tell Gallery in Toronto.

Recommended by our guest curators

Greg Gossel

Minneapolis, MN artist

"I've been a fan of Greg's work for quite some time. His use of color and typography in such a clean and precise way is fantastic."

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'New York'




9 reactions displayed

"Great stuff! Very creative, exciting and vibrant. More, indeed..."

"Wow, really kool stuff. I luv it."

"more more more...................greaty :) TEEHEE"

"I love seeing artists reuse, recycle, and remix! I think he takes his collages and is not only able to create a nostalgia and make it grownup but something that is still fun and calming to look at. As always I love to watch what different artists do with the geometric, I think the mural in spray paint is really fun. I think fun is the name of the game, and I appreciate that to no end."

"these are sooo cool, i agree with K! and Wayne."

"Good stuff reminds me of typographer legend that taught at CalArts when I attended...Cant remember the guys name at the moment. Anyhow should have added some hand drawn fonts just to mix up and add a little jux......but what do I know...-C"

"I enjoy this collage art. It is visually pleasing and makes a statement. Wonderful."

"Great stuff, I agree with K!"

"Hey there! Great work! Progressive Pop meets Street meets Design?Tres cool! K!"

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