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Andrew Ek  Oakland, CA

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About Andrew

I am a self-taught painter. I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh briefly for Industrial Design Technology. My paintings are crystallized visions that have surfaced or have been captured, usually at random, from a thought or emotion. Usually the creative process begins upon viewing an image or visiting a place and I feel compelled to develop that idea into a painting. I am interested in the flesh and draw inspiration from the figure. My aim is to envelop the viewer into an unfolding narrative in a vivid cinematic context, similar to a movie still.

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"The composition of the top painting with the women in the red dress is very strong. The bright red color of her dress makes the viewer curious to see her face. However the decision to keep her face hidden to the view only adds to the power of the painting. Beautiful Work. Keep them coming!"

"I'm with you Cynthia... Manica needs to put away "Freud for Dummies". Art affects us each differently and it speaks to our own experiences. To psychoanalyze the artist based on the images presented is just plain silly."

"r.e. comments by Manica--what??? I think this is his girlfriend/wife--he has some pics of her on his site. I think it shows his love of the ACTUAL female form. I find it warm, loving, and yes, sensual, but not in a "Mother obsession" way. Your comments are revealing your own psychic issues."

"The subconcious is a powerful thing - one day, the artist will reveal to himself the face in his work that he doesn't show us because he doesn't want to see it himself and probably doesn't remember, yet. The face is his mother's, who despite her Reubenesgue figure (not considered attractive by today's standards) dressed provacatively in too short a dress for house work (no stockings and bending too deep in front of her son), and a skimpy night gown that was also exposed too her son - writhing around in bed, no less. Who knows what other boundaries where crossed, but that he is haunted to express these memories repeatedly, that it is so painful to him that she remains faceless, and that she is so clearly inappropriate certainly implies that there was much worse. It makes for incredibly compelling art on many levels - he is talented enough, though not great, but the psycho-drama unfolding, particularly because the artist is so utterly clueless as to his own mind, makes it almost a kind of static performance art that is unique. The viewer roots for the artist, and feels an urgency on his behalf - will he or won't he ever be able to how us, and him self, her face?"

"Ditto on all the rest. Love this. Crisp vivid colors, great contrast. Unique perspective in my mind. Really like this. Such mundane subjects brought to such interesting heights. Lovely!!!"

"the red dress is showing insomnia and stress"

"Love this work, bravo"

"I was initially intrigued by the contrast of colors and the shading in the photo with the ladies in bed. As I observe the photo, I am pulled into what has occured and what will occur. I am also trying to figure out what materials were used to make this painting. I love your work man. Wonderful!!!"

"Less angular Lempicka....except I guess you don't like to paint faces."

"Fantastic compositionally. I love the vibrancy of the colors and the blunt contrast of the shadow. Lovely examples of restlessness and obligation. Beautiful work!"

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