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Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Tertia du

The paintings of Tertia du Toit have been described as an uninhibited outpouring of inspiration, life and creativity. Through a lyrical focus on the female figure du Toit evokes a sense of joyous sensuality in life itself. Not cluttered with inpenetrable symbolism her works are a classic invitation to take part in a contemporary ‘joie de vivre”.

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"I love your girls they look so healthy, happy - just beautiful."

"Hi, I was interesting in the art and wanted to know how much would it cost and where could I purchase one of these beautiful picturs"

"I think I'm in love ..."

"inspiring ............ beautiful......... colourfuli love your art......:-)"

"Makes me think of Louisiana...just looks a bit Cajun. Sorta Ya Ya Sisterhood even."

"I've just found your work this first week of April, 2011. Your love shines through, thank you for sharing with the world - your paintings bring a smile to my heart and that's a rare phenomenon these days.Keep up the good workAlix"

"i love ur paintings and i want to interview you sometime tertia madam"

"I was at school looking at art on the computer, saw this i went CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I hate it when people think that goth themes are automatically art. It's good to see actual themes on this website. I'm dissapointed to say that not so many good pieces exist on this site."

"love it love it you unstand what a real woman need to see in herself thankyou tertia"

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