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Mike Maxwell  San Diego, CA

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About Mike

Born in 1979 San Diego based artist Mike Maxwell has built a loyal following with his signature stone-blue faces, gloomy churches and beautiful windmills. Self-taught and continuously improving in his work, the poetic dreamy scenes examine humanity, conceptuality, genetics and consciousness.

With subtle changes in both theme and process, Maxwell has sharpened his skill providing more depth in his current work. Maxwell’s choice of color is deliberate and with purpose reflecting a lack of race and ambiguity in the stone-blue faced pieces.

The work has a lot to do with his personal re-education and a desire to learn and understand things that are so prevalent in our society but are often forgotten by the masses. Focusing his work around the human experience, themes of religion, sex and science captivates our attention in these acrylic beauties. Mikes work has been shown nation wide and over seas at galleries in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Japan, London, and Australia.

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'Smoke Break'

7 reactions displayed

"gr8 work"

"Loooove, the choice of colors, and the composition is so great. Very lively and interesting. (:"

"COOL! :)"

"Cool colors! I like this."

"Very inspiring art, like agencur said very supportive of your local artist."

"way to be supportive of your local artist. Refreshing, and much needed!!"

"I like the looks of these. it reminds me of the Clayton Brothers work only minimalist in comparison. the artist has an extremely expressive application of the medium. I enjoy the effect the complimentary colors of red and blue accentuate the dead blue facade of the bust. I think it would be safe to say that Picaso is an influence to this artist if not directly then at least subliminally. These paintings are inspirational as well as accessible to art collectors or admirers."

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