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Andrew Tong  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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About Andrew

I have had a paintbrush or pencil in my hand from a very young age, and a gift of being able to transmit my ideas onto paper or canvas. I have also been blessed with having excellent teachers and a family that always gave me enormous encouragement to pursue my vision of becoming an artist. My technical ability, imagination and exploration of different mediums have made sure that I am very versatile with my art, in subject and technique.
I have worked on large murals down to tiny illustration pieces.

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"If success is gaged by the length and articulation of the comments from others, Andrew has hit a grand slam."

"it would be normal and average of me to say that i am disturbed by these pieces... Quite honestly though, I wish I had the talent you have to capture these world issues. i understand that you're trying to send a message and it makes sense. People who say this isn't art or that it is too disturbing and that they don't want to see it, they are part of the reason that it really is happening. Some people believe that just closing their eyes will just somehow fix the problem. "Become the change you WANT to see." but... we can see everywhere, that some people refuse to do such a thing...Great job. Great (of course) disturbing pieces!"

"AMAZING. I love the concept, it's very ballsy to paint an idea like this. Obviously some people might not be able to handle it, but it's bery realistic. Many kids grow up with a violent mindset, mostly because of the mass media, or how they grow up. Too much exposure. It's sad that this might be the "future of the children." This is how society is, whether disturbing or not. Kudos Andrew!"

"The 3-year-old kid shooting the stuffed bear with a gun was bothersome. (what messed up kid!) Ok, I think I understand the second picture, the kid just recently got icecream from the icecream truck. Suddenly, the car was bombed (by some terrorist I suppose.) The pictures are disturbing!It's somewhat serealism. Serealist artists draw what they feel, how it would appear, and the IMPOSSIBLE!!! I can see why he would paint this, but it is definitly not my taste."

"We live in scary times. Our children see too much violence. We're living with too much war. We're destroying our environment. Your work is a direct reflection of what our children are seeing. We had better change the world now, before they grow up thinking this is normal. Good for you for exposing the elephant sitting in our living rooms. At least you've got them talking. Peace & love, Tamaralee"

"wow what can you say about the depth of the art here mickys head on fire ice cream truck distroyed youth is no longer innocent bullet proof jacket wow the little girl with her gun to her bear the i am 3 button point well made i can feel there disillousion the lack of innocent is this the same artist from malard ville that i used to know ?"

"I am going to be completely honest and say that I didn't understand what these paintings were really about when I first looked at them. I just read the comment by Andrew Tong and it completely changed the way I feel towards his art. Now I see what he does as honest, not gruesome as I thought it was yesterday. I think that it is interesting the message he is trying to portray in his work. Anyone who felt like me should read about him - you might end up liking his art more than you thought you could."

"i love the pictures. so cool! but im wondering if he was alloed to use mickey mouse like that. pretty gruesome..."

"I can appreciate this artists work just fine. He did take the time to do it after all. But I guess I'm tired of the whole doll/child imagery thing and the not so hidden meanings in a lot of these contemporary works that are around today."

"This is my second comment. I had a chance to thoroughly go though the artists portfolio. Why did I do this. Because of the comments on this page as far as his art being over the top and disturbing. I searched but did not find anything over the top or disturbing. I was actually more impressed with the artists talent than before. If I could afford it I would buy it. I personally AM interested in what is going on in the artists head. What type of childhood did he have? What were his influences growing up? What type of relationship did his parents have? All these factors shape who we all are today and as for an artist, how he perceives the world and communicates that to us. An artists invites you into his world when he paints. He/she is not painting, sculpting, writing to make YOU happy.Again...AWESOME body of work Andrew."

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