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Sam Spiczka  Sartell, MN

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About Sam

Inspired by natural bone forms, rural technology, and geometric structure, Sam Spiczka has produced an unsettling body of work that is both modern and intensely primal, public yet deeply personal. Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Spiczka became captivated by metal early on through the experience of working at his family’s welding shop. Though he briefly studied art and philosophy at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, his true education has come from Nature, the example of past sculptors, and the craftsmanship of his father. His award winning sculptures have been exhibited nationally – including at DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, the Rochester Art Center and Franconia Sculpture Park – and can be found in many public and private collections.

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"Sam is one of the best sculptor of our time."

"It is a bit hard to judge the scale of American Lotus from these images, but it is rather large. The "trap" section is around 10 feet in diameter with the jaws approximately 3 feet wide ... making it large enough to catch something quite substantial.The piece from my Impaled Cairn series which was destroyed was actually composed of two other pieces in that series. It was a temporary installation at the Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota. Eventually it was dismantled and the parts returned to their original sculptures, hence the label "destroyed." Thanks for the comments everyone. If you haven't made it over to my main site yet, I suggest checking out my more recent work. A lot of it has a more organic nature which can be a bit easier to warm up to."

"I like the implied danger of this sculpture. Makes you wonder what it is supposed to world perhaps?"

"Sam, this is wonderful. I have watched your work evolve in the most interesting ways. Thank you for expressing your art in these forms. The depth of the pieces, the joints, the connections, the color, the texture, the beginnings and the endings, make me look forward to your next piece, your next insight. Each piece is an awakening. I look forward to you next piece."

"Sam,You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Your work is unique and unusual.Ernie Stedman"

"I purchased one of Sam's sculptures a few years ago. It resides in our back yard and it lives beautifully with the nature around it."

"sam is truly one of my favorite sculptors. a real inspiration. his work is sensitive, interesting, and unique. i expect that we'll all be hearing great things about sam."

"Simply amazing. This 'demo' photo it just the tip. After exploring his site I'm really feeling the emotion in this work. Personally trying to figure out how to build a house around Nighthawk. The burnings have really sparked an interest in my mind, there is some work that I have been doing similar to that. Thank you Sam. Oh and what happend to the destroyed piece?"

"Sam seems to have an ingrained ability to see beyond the natural. He incorporates vision with materials entirely foreign to nature to create his scuptures. In agreement with other friends, admireers and poster, his look does captivate us with a feel for a "distant time" in an eerily modern fashion. And given the sturdiness of his medium, he has allowed future generations of creators (AKA kids) to explore them in a hands-on bodies-roaming sort of way. I am an ageless fan of his from a time remembered and into the imaginable future. Stay the course, good friend!Shannon :o)"

"Interesting but lousy sense of scale. Is it BIG or teeny?"

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