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Dan McCarthy  E. Falmouth, MA

'The gloaming 2'
Acrylic on board
'Harvest moon'
Acrylic on board

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About Dan

Dan studied at The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts, where he began screen printing, designing posters, and illustrating. McCarthy’s work has been published in ‘The Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion’ and ‘Swag 2: Rock Posters of the 90s and Beyond’.

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K. Cromwell & J. Karp

Owners, Gallery 1988

"We frequently show Dan's work at our galleries and he's one of the most popular artists we exhibit. He's able to convey so many distinct feelings, with such a signature style of desolate landscapes. Dan is a master of screenprinting, creating colors no one else can, and producing detail beyond the medium. When we show him, people line up hours before we open the door, and for good reason, Dan is incredible."

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'Into The Woods'

10 of 23 reactions displayed

"Wow, that is sooo <3.<3 WOW !"

"i love this is very passionate in a way"

"I think that these are pictures are very insperational. It must have taken awhile to come up with something so in dept and beautiful."

"I love how Dan loves trees and nature so much that his work reminds me of being outside instead of sitting inside in front of computer."

"since when did everything have to represent something? i think more people should see art and just appreciate it for what it is. dan mccarthy is an amazing artist and i recommend you buy his prints or take a look at his site"

"Your work has been on my mind since I first viewed it this morning. I love how you are able to put your thoughts down visually in such an eloquent and humorous manner. I am an art student working on my own visual language and realize what a feat this can be. Beautiful work!!! I am with you on your viewpoint of life."

"i just checked out the website and this guy is genius!! hes got some really beautiful prints and they are accually affordable. this is the first time i have felt complelled to coment on a particular artist. i think this is my favorite so far!!!"

"Megan,For homework this week, I would like you to create a work of art that represents what your soul looks like. I bet it would be more fun, interesting and easier than drawing your skeleton. Try to be honest though, don't paint what your want others to think is in there, rather paint what is truly present."

"i think it is important to note where the roots are growing from out of the skulls body. Male or female, it is the center of creation and birth. strawberrys=fruit, fruit of loins... i dont think the artist did this on accident."

"I love the first one! I seems to have a unique concept....and i see skulls at school everyday? (And they call ME emo?) I do wear them sometimes but not like them! ...Any way I love this one!!!"

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