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Mike Ross  New York, NY

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For Sculpture Key West, Mike Ross and Nicole Whelan created an interactive sculpture from simple construction materials. Multiple participants could use ropes and pulleys to simultaneously control the movements of the panels in the air and their hued shadows on the ground. The sculpture, which grew from Ross’s research in emergent phenomena, acts as a canvas for a collaborative painting of light and color. Colorfield won the Grand Esplanade Award (first prize), and was featured on the cover of the show catalog and in Art in America.

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"It's an impressive piece of art due to the shear size of the sculpture and the physics involved. However, other than that I don't think it's great art. I think I prefer the picture over the sculpture itself. But another manifestation of creativity none the less."


"Big Rig reminds me of mating dragonflies!"

"This was by far the most impressive art installation at Coachella 2008. Cool to see it featured here!"

"i like the semi"

"awesome ideas, both of them."

"Mike Ross is a terrific conceptual artist. He thinks first then he executes his design. The design is a result of his precognition rather than his pre-visualization. Rather than seeing his art before he makes it, he designs it then he sees it. I think that is beautiful. In an intellectual kind of way I guess. But avoiding the theory, the art is really beautiful. You don't have to know how to build a car to drive and enjoy one. Same with his art.I really enjoy the site/sight of the bent trucks. Truly awesome. And the commissioned sculpture for Key West is great. Out of random movements people create all kinds of configurations. They are in charge of the sculpture. Power to the People, right on! And think of the resonance with signal flags in a marine environment. Not slight. It looks like a clothes line but you add people and you have a party. Not bad."

"EMERGENT PHENOMENADEFINITION--"The sum is greater than the parts."--" the arising of novel and coherent structures, patterns and properties during the process of self-organization in complex systems."EXAMPLE-- a single ant carries materials to build a mound. All the ants have the knowledge to build a mound. The ants are working seperately/together. What is the PHENOMENA that allows the ants to work seperately yet together to yield a common result? That is EMERGENCE.USES--Complexity and chaos theory, paleontology, and evolution and it seems, art."

"unexplainable (in a good way)"

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