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Chris Jordan  Seattle, WA

'Crushed cars #2'

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About Chris

Chris Jordan is an internationally acclaimed artist and cultural activist based in Seattle. His work explores contemporary mass culture from a variety of photographic and conceptual perspectives, connecting the viewer viscerally to the enormity and power of humanity’s collective will. Edge-walking the lines between art and activism, beauty and horror, abstraction and representation, the near and the far, the visible and the invisible, his work asks us to consider our own multi-layered roles in becoming more conscious stewards of our complex and embattled world. Jordan’s works are exhibited and published worldwide.

Chris explains his work by saying, “Exploring around our country’s shipping ports and industrial yards, where the accumulated detritus of our consumption is exposed to view like eroded layers in the Grand Canyon, I find evidence of a slow-motion apocalypse in progress. I am appalled by these scenes, and yet also drawn into them with awe and fascination. The immense scale of our consumption can appear desolate, macabre, oddly comical and ironic, and even darkly beautiful; for me its consistent feature is a staggering complexity.”

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"Masterfully done! The overwhelming detail of the materials is awesome. I first thought the pile of phones in the image was a junkyard full of cars."

"Wow, I love the phone whirlpool!"

"love the picture of the cars stacked up"

"Piles of discarded junk, obviously a metaphor for our throw away sociey. Is it a metaphor for our spiritual angst also?"

"Amazing work!"

"It reminds me of the photos that I've recently been looking at regarding industrial decay."

"It is sort of weird that you picked this subject to photograph but at the same time who ever see's this they will realize or should realize how wasteful and how harmful we are being to our own enviroment."

"i love pieces like this. at first, it looked to me like a Jackson Pollack, but with crayon shavings, so in that sense it was very pleasing to the eye - a balance of sorts. Then I look harder and realize it is a photograph of crushed cars. I think the composition is great. When we look at pictures and zoom in do we not see the dots? I think there is something similar going on here."

"I think that while I appreciate the sentiment behind the photographs, I feel that most people do not need a reminder of how much trash and junk we accumulate. I'm already reminded of that everyday that I walk out my front door. When I see those photos all I think, is that they are photos of garbage and it's gross. I want to see pretty pictures that take me away from life's harsh realities not ones that plunges me head first back into it. I don't want to be disgusted for pleasure."

"This is Garbage!"

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