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Luke Painter  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Luke

Trained in print media at Concordia University, where he earned his MFA in 2005, Painter’s painstaking and labour-intensive multi-media paintings, sculptures, digital Flash animations, and most recently India ink drawings present a curious view of urban industrialism gone awry.

This combination of mystery, fantasy and disparate elements has been the hallmark of Painter’s practice. Whether it’s making paintings that resemble prints or prints that resemble paintings, he’s always creating something that straddles the boundaries of both material and subject matter. With his boundless imagination and consummate technical skills, he consistently makes something new and fresh seem old and authoritative.

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"not bad, not great either..........just average"

"nice guys great"

"This is great...I really enjoyed your work. =)"

"Painter is totally successful. The installation is not pragmatic but that is the nature of all installation.I support his recent india ink drawings and prints, and the flash animations most. Really enjoyed this art."


"wow. stunning! you make india ink do what it was meant to do. keep it up."

"LUKE Your work is freakin awesome I went through your entire web site and got stuck in your world and it was great !!!!"

"great name for an artist."

"shit's TIGHT!"

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