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Samuel Trioli  Brooklyn, NY

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About Samuel

Samuel Trioli was born in Concord, Massachusetts in 1984 and grew up in New Hampshire. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art degree with an emphasis in Painting at The New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2007. Trioli’s work has been exhibited at The F.U.E.L. Collection in Philadelphia, Paula Barr Chelsea in New York, Morgan Lehman Gallery in Connecticut and the New Life Video Files with New Life Shop in Berlin, Germany.

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'New York'


'Smoke Break'

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"Cool pics. I hope you do more."


"i very much like this work but feel it is kinda gimmicky. But bravo."


"It's great to see other artists from NHIA on artistaday, fantastic work sam, keep it up."

"Disturbing...I like it!"

"diggin this scene.... these shocking glimpses..... tickling the mind with questions....coyly providing no definitive answers..... you flirt!"

"I love the parts that are emphasized by being clearer. They are not typical; like the cigarette on the top image and the entire background of the second. It really lets you know what this artist was investigating further and allows us to do the same."

"pulls you in and makes you think...good form!"

"In my previous review I forgot the most important thing. I really like this artist. I think he is an innovator. I think the enigmatic nature of his work is important and I really like it. It is part of their strength. I like that they are hard to figure out. Every thing that I called contemporary, I like. I like this artist better than some we have had in weeks."

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