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Evan Penny  Toronto, ON, Canada

Silicone, pigment, hair, aluminum
'Self-Portrait, Variation #3'
Silicone, pigment, hair, aluminum

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About Evan

Evan was born in South Africa but moved to Canada and attended the Alberta College of Art. His hyper-realistic sculptures can be found in major public collections and he has exhibited in prominent galleries consistently since 1981.

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"I was so proud to see that you are a South African. This inspires me even more."

"This thing looks HUGE!!!!"

"Is the person in the second photograph - the model for the sculpture?"

"Evan, this is fantastic. I am so proud to see that someone so amazing was born in South Africa. A prophet never gets recognized in his own country....I am amazed, speechless that something so realistic can be created by the hand of a man.I was wondering for days what the old man is thinking and feeling as he leaves me a bit baffled - like the Mona Lisa!!!!"

"I don't want to talk about this art; I'm too busy LOOKING at it!!!!"

"really good i think somone may have a career in movie special effects ,,wicked"

"I'm waiting for him to ask me something. Amazing, he could be my uncle."

" it fake or real... i am confused?"

"This is incredible examples of super realism. I think all you need to do is capture a 'theme of angst.' Like, for example, a man?s expression on his face and his body's langauge just prior to the time you walk your last mile, when the Warden comes into your death cell as says: "It is time..." Or a young woman who has just been told she is going to have a baby and she is afraid her husband will be angry with her because the baby is not his. I guess I am talking about adding those moments of drama in our life that change us forever. I had such a life changing event happen to me. I had two heart attack in one night and I stood in that ?Tunnel of Light? that all Near Death Experiences talk about. I think your work is very dynamic and shows your deep understanding of human nature as well as dynamic anatomy (I learned dynamic anatomy under the late great Burne Hogarth. He was not only my mentor but he was my friend as well). Keep up the great work and please converse with me here via email.bk the mystic artist/writerComment by Farro Ravenknight"


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