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Steve Bartlett  Los Angeles, CA

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I make up my paintings as I go along. I’ll start with some image or object that inspires me and paint it in. I then let the painting tell me what the next step will be, and so on. This intuitive process can be frustrating, but it’s the way I work right now. I believe my work is seen as narrative with sometimes folk art and surrealism qualities. The most important thing for me is to complete a painting that I feel good about.

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"Oh, so adorable. I would put these in a childs room for artwork."

"these are so great and fun! who says that art has to be serious?:)"

"awsome work rock on"

"I really think these are great! I have loved surrealistic images for a long time. They awaken a part of our brain that is usually too reserved to come out in during our waking hours. I find when talking about just about anything people, still in this day of Zero Absolutes, so often seem to think that Reason is the larger part of our consciousness when it is The Irrational that makes up the "real" us. Great images. ...."It was the artist's intention to be blurry?" (Which communist can identify that quote first? I think maybe the first was photographed badly because the rest, website and other here, seem to be so crisp.)"

"terrific surreal nostalgias of the artist's youth."

"oh how lovely!"

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