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Gail Potocki  Chicago, IL

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About Gail

Influenced by the elegant strength of Anthony Van Dyck and the melancholic mystery of the late 19th century French and Belgian Symbolists, her expression is rooted in compelling realism, and branches seductively into the realms of possibility.

This blending of inspiration and technical ability creates a method of expression rooted in compelling realism, branching both seductively and effortlessly into the realms of possilbity.

Potocki’s paintings have been exhibited in important Symbolist and Surrealist exhibitions worldwide, sharing wall space with such masters as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Salvador Dali, and H.R. Giger. 2006 saw the successful release of The Union of Hope and Sadness: The Art of Gail Potocki, a hardcover book from Olympian Publishing thoroughly examining the first six years of her career.

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"Gail's work often employs a narrative regarding humankind's role as steward of the environment. Her beautiful technique and style enable the viewer to engage with her work long enough to receive the frequent admonitions woven within describing our failings in this respect."

"the 2nd piece reminds me of Adam and Eve. Beautifil."


"Gail, great to see your work highlighted on Google. Hope you are finding success. (I took a bunch of Saturday morning classes a few years a go at SORA that you and Amy instructed)"

"Your work is just the best!!!"

"beautiful art work, I was impressed."

"Well done! I really like your work.."

"These are very beautiful pieces!"

"A different story on Gail Tolocki's website. Her traditional training explains her 19th century look, including Pre-Raphaelite look real heavy, and nature mort influence. not really but that "magic realism" look. That is the contemporary look. She has had a good decade in the 00s.I love her hand made frames and don't sale out cheap Gail. Hold on to them until they meet your price. I don't understand the symbolism of the bees (yes, shipwrecked bees.) She has a much better snake several years ago."

"Love Eve!Adam asked God why Eve was so beautiful and so dumb. God responded that she was beautiful so Adam would love her and dumbso that she would love Adam."

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