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Eric Gustafson  Austin, TX

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About Eric

To achieve my results, I either drive or bike to various locations and explore on foot, armed with only my camera and sometimes a tripod for the low light situations. Nothing is ever pre-arranged. No lighting setup. No props. No actors. When I find myself exploring and traversing areas unknown and new to me, armed only with my camera and a curious perspective, time slips away and I see things the way I feel they were always meant to be seen. I capture them. I take them afterwords and play with them. I get lost in them. To me it is an intimate process of projecting myself and my perspective onto the world, and the images that I produce are a very personal reflection of myself.

I always try my best to get everything right before I snap the shutter, but if I feel there is something I can do in the post (coloration, adjust lighting, etc.) I have no problem doing it. Ansel Adams is quoted as saying dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships. I couldn’t agree more and treat the use of Photoshop the same way (since it is, essentially, a digital dark room). Photography snobs with their rule of thirds and immediately dismissive view of any aesthetically chosen post work as “ruining” an image are essentially slapping him and many others in the face. In my opinion the only sort of photographic ‘morals’ that should exist for anyone who takes pictures should be for photo-journalists. And one I am not, so I choose to see the world as well as I can imagine it!

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"exccelent natural fantastic the first picture"

"Your landscapes are so whimsical. I can easily lose myself in them dreaming of a different life. Beautiful work, both behind the camera and the computer. :)"

"look what makes us really feel something and even argue about what you are truley showing the eye we likewhen a picture is pointing poetry in life"

"My new favorite photographer."

"Both photos, though vastly different, are rich in their thoughtful presentation of scenes where the artist makes us stop and feel the moment."

"These photos are absolutely beautiful. You have a gift for being able to"speak" feeling &/or emotion through your work. I look forward to seeing more on your website. Thanks for the inspiration."

"Amazing. The top photo is a great way to get my attention."

"i love the top one,it seems like time stood still when taken.yet the second one....its just to plain."

"Ive always looked at art and photography as two sepperate things. Art is more of an expression of ones self. To be an artist there is a process of contruction. I like the first print because it has been photoshoped and that lends to the the constructive part of art. I see this as a great piece of art rather than just a photograph."

"The first one looks like land near where my grandmother lives i LOVE it and the second reminds me of the city. Very good contrast and very real on both. Good job Eric."

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