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Justin Gibbens  Thorp, WA

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About Justin

As a contemporary (wildlife) artist, my work is indebted to countless hours spent watching David Attenborough documentaries, infinite trips to natural history museums, and my obsessive, unhealthy interest in all things that scamper and poke about in the thickets and undergrowth. When I first began moving graphite on paper I was rendering the childhood standards: dinosaurs, creepy crawlers and other interesting fauna. Not much has changed in two decades. Imitating the conventions of 18th and 19th century zoological illustration and traditional Chinese fine-line painting, I make strange and lovely images of curious creatures and beautiful beasts.

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"Great artistry and detail! Looks life the future of wild life and what its future will become if we continue to pollute it."

"this art is awesome"

"thats so strange..really captivating though =]"

"Great work."

"its tight.."

"i luve this soooooooooooo much omg"

"I really love this artists rendering skill.I can somewhat relate to the comment by Anonymous as far as art that is simple ambulance chasing or merely guilt relief, but I think this is pretty good. Hey, at least there's no inclusion of mailboxes, graffitti, or parking meters. Cheers!"

"Not so shabbie.!"

"This is what happens when you go bird watching on acid."

"Here it is, Rollo Banks, meets and falls in love with Marcel Duchamp. A whirlwind love affair leads to a love child named Justin Gibbens. Justin picks up where his dad's left off. Move to Olympia, no one will ever take you seriously living in Thorp. Plus in Oly, we BUY art."

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