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Suzanne Sattler  Brooklyn, NY

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About Suzanne

This work is as much about the subject as it is about the execution. In each drawing fabrications of childhood recollections intertwine with conjoined and dismembered bodies. These drawings are at once detailed and hazy as if recalling memories from years past where the exact details are slightly embellished, but the story is crisp through years of retelling.

In each drawing a delicate and slightly disturbing atmosphere is created. With the control of hard pencils, pens and smooth paper gentle layers are built to slowly mold each fantastic subject and all of their surroundings. Many of the scenes leave a nervous sense of uncertainty caused by the uneasiness of the subjects or the haunting quality of the drawing.

Images of conjoined twins are repeated to heighten the sweet and grotesque contrast to the work. Thoughts of loss, completion, and hope are summoned from their joined and separated images. They also act as a constant reminder that all other inhabitants are subject to be united and bound to one and other by invitation or against their will.

The linking pattern throughout the work is imperfection. The subject’s imperfections push them to search for their sense of completion. Throughout their search they are hopeful despite loss, and inventive despite opposition. Threads and leashes run throughout all of the images to string them loosely together. Although the subjects are still searching for the solution to their loss, these ties keep everything united and contained.

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"I'm so tired of intellectualised art,gah truly."

"really nice and original!!"

"I have seen the work in person and you definatly cannot tell through the website how perfectly they are actullay drawn. Really beautiful."

"I saw her work in a show last month and they're actually really well drawn and detailed in person- they don't translate nearly as well. Worth checking out in person if possible!"

"you can really tell once you view the artists larger pics on her site how actually poorly drawn they are. but they are pretty interesting none the less."

"Really intellectual and fresh..."

"Really great and impressive!!!"

"I love the way you did the conjoined twins. When i first looked at it I never would have thought of it in that way. It is totally origional."

"I love the slightly hazy affect you've got with the pencil and pen on smooth paper and the lack of color - it's very enticing - surprisingly so."

"Beautiful. Original. Resonant. Thoughtful. Thought-provoking. Intelligent. Focused. Imaginative. Surprising. Dark. Human. Reflective. I love these. They remind me of days when I drive home reflecting on something that's happened or some impression I've had. Often the reflection I have is visual, but I don't have the skill to move the image from brain to drawing. Sattler does. Would LOVE to see these in person."

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