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Mario Wagner  Cologne, Germany

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About Mario

German artist and illustrator Mario Wagner’s large scale paper collage and acrylic on canvas works derive from familiar Modernist techniques – Dadaist collage and photo montage. Despite their ‘analog’ processes, utilizing old magazines, scissor, glue and acrylic, Wagner’s unique, inchoate assemblages are erratic and surprising. Clustered bodies float within vintage settings split by lightning bolts. Salaciously grinning mouths hint at scandal and subplot as eyeless faces drip retro glamour. Wagner’s work has been shown in numerous international exhibitions and his artworks have been commissioned by Playboy, Vanity Fair, Esquire, and The New York Times Magazine.

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"Question: What is more important, the power of the image or the skill of the artist?"

"collage is pretty much, well, unimpresive. I understand that one needs a knack for composition (i guess)but it's just nothing special. i think its safe to say we are in a time that feels a need to recognize everyones special "talent", but that is just it: There is common talent and uncommon talent."

"Not a popular artist, a foreign artist, foreign style, sensibility, subtle originality. Collage is the stray dog of visual arts, these more so. Did you go to the end of his portfolio where sits a disdainful "USA" where everyone is alike and reaching for the top."

"the best style i have ever seen."

"That is great he seems like he has a new york style but he's really german. Very good i'm impressed"

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