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William Lamson  New York, NY

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In September of 2004, while I was driving around America working on a project called Encounter, I began photographing myself in the landscape as a means of activating the photographic process when no other subjects presented themselves. This artistic exercise opened the door to a new way of making work that completely changed my photographic practice. I went from being an observer, trained by my interest in the American landscape photographers of the last half century, to a photographic collaborator, physically engaging with the landscape as a form of creative play. The series consists of images in which I am either performing an activity dictated in part by the location, or attempting to become part of the scene by assuming an inanimate form. In both cases, I conceal my face to emphasize the physicality of my body and its relationship to the landscape. Although this project began as an exercise, the playfulness, experimentation and sense of humor that emerged from it has come to represent the new way that I approach my work.

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"ThereÂ's a really intense sensation while waiting for more emersions...keep it floating...congrats!"

"i do not find the wheelbarrow photo the least bit disturbing - and i never like macabre work.i can see myself lounging back in my wheelbarrow to stare at the clouds and contemplate the delicious sensation of my muscles resting after laboringperhaps the perception lies in how comfortable one feels in a natural landscape"

"I LOVE it. The concept of the photograph is fantastic and it fits perfectly. It's not some "artsy," confusing explanation to make people believe you are an artist. The balloons are really fun, too, although I do agree with the first commenter that it would be better to see many balloons come up for a more dramatic effect. Great job!!!"

"The balloon pieces are very interesting. What would have really been impressive would be seeing hundreds/thousands of balloons suddenly emerging from the water all at once. I think you really need to push this idea as far as it can go."

"the concept was lost on me although i read the artist's intent. The wheel barrel piece had a very creepy effect. The sun is not shining, it is an overcast day, two pale legs hanging outside a seemingly abandoned wheel barrel gave the effect of a body dump/murder. Very unsettling. the second piece was sort of soothing. i do wonder how the balloons end up floating off of the surface of the water and into the air.. Also the "green" part of me wonders if you later caught them and did not litter haha."

"i really love his work"

"I like macabre, but this looks like it should be filed under exhibit A. in the evidence locker."

"How did you take the shot--while siting in the wheelbarrow?I love the shot!!"

"Both are very neat. The concept in the video is extremely creative, and the first one does a good job of instilling the qualities of the nature that surround it with the only unnatural thing in the picture, the wheelbarrow. Very intriguing."

"This is cool. I understand the whole concept but honestly if I was hiking or riding an ATV..etc and came upon this I would be really afraid that that person was dead. Kinda freaky and funny!"

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