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Alison Foshee  San Diego, CA

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About Alison

Over the past few years, I have been exploring the artistic potential of everyday materials. Lately I have been working with white labels in assorted shapes and sizes to create birds and cloudscapes. The white label is a surprisingly aesthetic product with subtle variations in factory whites from bright white to cream. These labels are layered and patterned to create the illusion of depth and form. (I have alternately chosen to use soft gray, tan, cream and white paper. All of which mimic the color of file folders, envelopes, or padded mailers; the labels ┬Ŕnatural environment┬.) The white label is a tool for naming and organizing; an empty canvas that can signify anything. Its usefulness is based on a balanced system of raw data and personal interpretation. The information chosen is suddenly meaningful and that which is deselected becomes irrelevant. This mode of making sense of and controlling our environments is a process. As ideas become outdated, there is a new label or system to replace the old. These pieces attempt to explore the visual growth pattern of changing our minds.

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"Aloha Alison, great work! in Hilo Hawaii"

"Alison! Beautiful stuff. vivid colors, texture out the wazoo. Simple glorious art."

"I agree, this is really cool! It's fun and intriguing to look at!"

"How did no one comment on this? It's awesome!!I went to your site Alison, I really love your work!"

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