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Rashaan Harper  Los Angeles, CA

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About Rashaan

I’m passionate, carefree and very silly. I’m currently working on allowing myself to be my most true, powerful and beautiful authentic self ever, it’s taking quite a bit of practice but gosh darn it I’m going to get it down because life is short!

I love kisses, the color fuchsia, and giggling. My best conversations are with children because they are free, honest and open to love. My art is described as having duende [spirit, blood, passion, depth, a visceral element]. I also believe there are only two ways to live your life, based on fear or love. If you pick love, your everyday life can start to seem kind of magical. I like that.

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"just those two short paragraphs are inspiring. your art is amazing and thoughtful."

"Beautiful. Colourful. Inspiring. And yes, magical."

"I love what you're about little lady! can't wait for another play date! have a blast!! I know you're busy and I'm so happy for you!!"

"girlfriend, you are an inspiration. the fact that you can inspire people through art and your life is magic in itself. your super talented and super amazing. love you girl and i can??t wait to have a rashaan original in my house. =)Comment"

"you should go by the alias FAIRY. its the perfect name for your personality"

"It is eerie how real the woman's eyes are in this picture."

"hey i love your work!i love colors too and the female form!fear can stop your love love can stop your fear-morcheeba:)check out my stuff i think you'll like can i be your friend this website is impossible to navigate~"

"interesting work.ironic that i see this right after watching a documentary about "liberty leading the people", hah."

"Rashaan, i love your art work, very beautiful! Keep up the Love flowing thru your fingers and is lovely!Desi"

"I love the colours and the limited use of solid lines - I'm not sure why; perhaps it is the artistic manifestation of you having uncovered a 'fluid' sense of self during the course of your ontological quest! If so, it is a sentiment I share in relation to myself.just an idea - maybe love can be scary sometimes...and perhaps fear gives us the the humility we need in our interactions with others...wonderful work! very thought provoking!"

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