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Jeff Schaller  Downingtown, PA

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About Jeff

Using lost and found images, words and language, my goals are to paint with a precision and intricacy not normally found in encaustic paintings. My approach is with a vision towards expressionistic and contemporary. Instantaneously setting powerful brush strokes that evoke an emotional connection of the viewer to the past and reflect on their sensibility in the present as a result of their memory. I want people to bring their own thoughts and feelings into my artwork.

I paint using things that already exist, this is what feels true to me. I need to reflect on culture, past and present, as an arbiter of interpretation. Others have created and have only touched on, merely scratched the surface. I then explore the subtle nuances of language and life. I need to explore, as I begin to paint, I let my mind wander into a free association. I define my oeuvre with compositions, which are provocative and whimsical. It is my intent to propel the viewer into scenes of seemingly unrelated subjects, contained within a captivating and complex sonatas. The simultaneous expressions are pop and edgy, esoteric and direct, unrelated and curiously similar, creating a visual language of paradox and juxtaposition. I want to provoke an emotional response from the viewer.

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"i envy people who can do faces. i'm a digital artist because i can't draw. awesome work, especially the bubblegum picture"

"No, no, no, no, no..... I think they are colorful, and they keep me for 10 seconds....... Then after looking at so many you get bored. I'm just not a fan of regurgitated advertisements. Maybe if I understood a little more about the reasoning, and what it really is that the artist is trying to explore by using solely advertisements... But the message doesn't really come through in the work. Unless he is trying to say he needs therapy after being bombarded by so much advertising. I feel like I do."

"Epic paintings, wonderful texture and brushstrokes, I love your style very much : )"

"He is the next Jasper Johns! A true pioneer in encaustic painting with the world open to his ideas. I would recommend to anyone looking at the body of work he has produced in full as it is truly outstanding!"

"very graphic, colors and brush strokes are nice."

"I tend to agree with RSadler and sytroths87. They're nice paintings but it seems to be the same idea/image rehashed over and over again."

"This work is knock out! It must be large, right? Strong, powerful images. Confidence and mastery of color come through. Beautiful! Brings to mind Chuck Close and Pop Art mixed to a T. Keep it coming."

"The words distract - like the images."

"this work isn't very strong. doesn't do it for me. he's lucky that the people who pick the artists everyday are inconsistent."

"It's got a catchy look to it, but not much to keep you thinking after the initial look-over. The seemingly averse feelings you have towards mouths do intrigue me, and I think you should explore that a bit."

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