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Jay Dellomes  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Jay

A recent graduate from the BAA program of Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Jay grew up hopping countries before finally settling in Canada to grow up reading comic books and watching cartoons. It’s no wonder then, that he’s still an avid reader who likes to tell stories through the pictures that he draws.

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"vow vow vow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really luv it is soooo well ur hands can paint ....................this was the picture which i luv tht any other one"

"The first one looks like the spirited away movie i love these two pictures very artsy"

"Lovely pieces. Fun lines, and interesting pictures. Very nice."

"Breezy but bold - I love the color choices you have made in many of your illustrations. PS>Your website is really spectacular, formally and functionally."

"The girl flying is fantastic. I wish I could have it in my apartment."

"i love your awesome work dude"

"This is me in my even looks like me when I was a little girl..I love it. Thank you for the natural high while awake..this time :)"

"I really love both of these works. The one with the girl floating through the clouds instills an awesome feeling because of how carefree the girl looks. The way her arms are spread open really is cool. And the second one is neat as well."

"All nice pictures. My favorite is down in the sketchbook near the end, is a drawing of someone sleeping on public transportation."

"i toatally LOVE your art work!!!!!!!!!!!"

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