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Brendan Monroe  Berkeley, CA

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About Brendan

Berkley based artist Brendon Monroe’s work has been described across the web as “organic” or “natural”. His works are equally soothing and intriguing giving the art a unique quality that will leave you staring.

His work can be found in several publications and he has shown in galleries across the US and abroad.

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"I enjoy the colors used but question the composition used in the second image."

"I like."

"Nice wavy lines. But he should try some blues and greens, 'cause it's a small step from the formless mud and feces. and that's gross. Why'd you put that thought in my mind, sammylambs?"

"Color and movement, great"

"He definitely offers a soothing point of view, a kind of bodily 'oneness.' However, I don't always dig his composition - use of space. And, I hate to say this, some of his subjects look fecal."

"I really like Brendon Monroe's work, they do remind one of something organic and natural but for me I get a sense of peace and overwhelming sadness to some of his work."

"Contrived to please. Commercial, simplistic."

"I looked at all your links and I'm listening to Kalx right now.Great!"

"luv this its so cool"

"Beautiful colors and textures."

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