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Daniel St. George  Brooklyn, NY

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About Daniel St.

Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd, a.k.a. the artist formerly also known as AZStar78, is a painter currently living and working in Brooklyn. However he has also lived in Los Angeles, England, Tampa and San Francisco during the course of his 30-some odd years on the planet Earth. His body of work encompasses thousands of drawings, paintings, prints, and self published books/zines. DSG2 is a self taught artist who has been drawing since childhood; his work is intensely personal and deeply autobiographical. He has been an art director, designed his own line of clothing called Spiked Punch, and worked with the likes of Stussy, Typestereo, 111 Minna Gallery, Giant Robot and Jeremyville. His plans include creating installations and moving sculptures, which will allow the viewer to physically enter the realm of his experience, and printing limited edition silk screened art books. DSG2 is also extremely fond of black teas and rainy nights..

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"Daniel makes and follows his own rules. Which is good in his art but it confused me on his website. I couldn't tell if it was all his work or other people were showing in his store."

"Very intricate and beautiful. A world unto themselves."

" of luck"

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