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Esao Andrews  Los Angeles, CA

'Hugs, etc.'
Oil and Acrylic on Wood Mounted Canvas
'Vegan cult leader'
Oil on wood

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About Esao

Esao Andrews is a Japanese/American artist and freelance illustrator. He received his B.F.A. in NYC from The School of Visual Arts in 2000 and with his haunted subject matter and often-times colorful palate has established a career both in the fine art and commercial world. He is best known for his beautiful album artwork for the band Circa Survive and has produced numerous comic book covers for Vertigo Comics and designs for Deathwish and Baker Skateboards early in his career. Recently he has added mural work to his output and is also constructing some sculpted projects.

Recommended by our guest curators

Andrew Hosner

Owner, Thinkspace Gallery

"Esao's work was one of the first original pieces of art my wife and I added to our collection over a decade ago (back when you could still buy small originals from Esao directly off his website, ah the good ol' days haha). I've watched Esao become one of the leading voices in the pop surrealism genre over the past decade and relish in the fact that he has only just begun to tap into his creative reservoir. I find myself continually excited by the notion of all that is to come from this amazing young talent. I trust we will be inspired and amazed by Esao's work for many decades to come. His is an imagination that only grows stronger with each passing day and new discovery."

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'New York'




4 reactions displayed

"Raphael was so excited and picked the charcoal as painting brush, but where was the paper.One of the best stuff that you might use is wine and food metal art. Although there are a variety of different views on this portrait, it can not be caused by any particular school of painting style. Details"

"Wow this art work looks mysterious and it makes me wonder what is going on that I dont see all ready this is a fantastic painting"

"Wow, Esao Andrews always finds away too leave me speechless"

"Not sure if this is a whimsical figure or meant to be a real person. Nice henna hands...very woody nose."

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