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Wayne Leal  Rocheport, MO

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About Wayne

I create relief sculptures, using various raw materials such as chopped rubber, bark, stone, sand, rope, etc. I apply them to the surface for a rough texture and then finish them with dark metallic paints (iron oxide is one of my faves) so as to bring a certain level of refined formality to the pieces, ready for presentation under the combined lighting of a gallery environment.

I am drawn to heavy textures found in the organic and synthetic environments, the deep crevices found in the bark of a tree, cracks in a sidewalk, rusted metal can all trigger my senses. When out and about, I enjoy looking, discovering and often collecting various items and bringing them back to my studio, where I will hang or dangle them to turn my space into a menagerie of odd items so as to perpetuate the stimuli.

The primary objective in my work is to respond to these realities as opposed to recreating them. My work is deliberately minimal & hopefully leaves room for viewer interpretation and inspiration.

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